GFS employee

Kirk Wettenhall – Senior Sales Agent

Tell us about your journey at Greenstone

I originally started my journey at Greenstone after 4 years working in the abseiling industry on high rise buildings. Even with the drastic change, Greenstone has been a very welcoming environment. I have learnt a lot of great skills and continue to each day.

What is your favourite part about working for Greenstone?

The people are great, I’ve made a lot of friends here. Greenstone hosts multiple events a year to promote this culture.

What have you gained from working at Greenstone?

I have gained skills in sales and communication which are both great assets to have in business and life itself.

How has Greenstone helped you in terms of career development?

Greenstone offers it’s employees a variety of workshops that provide skills you can use to help you in progressing though the business. I have participated in a few of these now and it really helps if your serious about progression.